Mt. Penanggungan


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Mt. Penanggungan; Mt. Pawitra
Mount Penanggungan (formerly named Mount Pawitra) (1,653 m above sea level) is a cone volcano, is resting. Mount Penanggungan is a small mountain located on one cluster with Mount Arjuno and Mount Welirang which is much larger. Mount Penanggungan is often referred to as a miniature of Mount Semeru, because of the peak of the same expanse of sand and extensive rock. According to ancient Javanese beliefs, Mount Penanggungan is one of the top parts of Mahameru which is displaced by the ruler of nature. Penanggungan is one of the holy mountain of the nine holy mountains in Java.

Viewed from the side of history, this mountain has an important value. On the entire slope of this mountain found many ancient relics, both temples, hermits, and petirtaan from the Hindu-Buddhist period in East Java. Based on a two-year study (2012-2014) found 116 sites of enshrinement or archeological objects, ranging from the foot to the top of the mountain [1]. Some of the structures found are Jedong Gapura (926 AD), Petirtaan Jalatunda (10th century), Petirtaan Hemisphere, Kendalisodo Temple, Merak Temple, Yudha Temple, Pandawa Temple, and Selokelir Temple. In addition to Hindu buildings, also found punden berundak and hermitage. The temples on Mount Penanggungan have unique style, the building is attached to the wall mount / slope, not stand alone.

The vegetation that covers it is a forest area of ​​Dipterocarp Hill, Upper Dipterocarp Forest, Montane forest, and Ericaceous Forest or mountain forest.

R.Soerjo Forest Park; Tretes Nature Tourist Park;


Province East Java
City / Regency
  1. Kabupaten Mojokerto
  2. Kabupaten Pasuruan
Distrik 1.1 Kecamatan Ngoro; 1.2 Kecamatan Trawas;

2.1 Kecamatan Gempol; 2.2 Kecamatan Prigen

Village 1.1.1 Desa Manduro Mg(dsn Gajahmungkir); 1.1.2 Desa Kuntjorowesi(dsn Sekantong); 1.1.3 Desa Wotanmasjedong;

1.2.1 Desa Duyung; 1.2.2 Desa Penanggungan; 1.2.3 Desa Kedungudi; 1.2.4 Desa Seloliman;

2.1.1 Desa Wonosunyo;

2.2.1 Desa Sukoreno


a vulcano /active…?
History of eruption;
Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.653 m (5.423 ft)
Type of eruption;
Topology & Geology;
Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check…


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