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Sicike-cike Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Sicike-cike Lake; Cike Lake; Note; Sicike-cike Lake is formed as a highland swamp with an area of about 575 hectares, is a mountain tropical rain forest with various types of plants. These include Samponus flower (Dacrydium junghuhnii), Kemenyan (Styrax benzoin), Kecing (Quercus sp) and Haundolok (Eugenia sp) and

Siais Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Siais Lake; Note; Lake Siais is the second largest lake in North Sumatra after Lake Toba. This lake is a habitat for jurung (tor ssp.) Which is sacred to the surrounding residents.… Conservation; … GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province North Sumatra; City/Regency Kabupaten Tapanuli Selatan District Kecamatan Angkola Sangkunur; Kecamatan

Sidihoni Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Sidihoni Lake; Note; Lake above the lake. That’s how many people call Lake Sidihoni, which is located on Samosir Island, which is surrounded by Lake Toba, North Sumatra. According to research, this lake was once a forest and swamp area. Because the trees were cut down to make

Mt. Hela Toba

PROFIL Map;  Google Map link (*only for information); Name: Mountain Hela Toba; Helatoba-Tarutung Note: Helatoba from hela (tapanuli word), which means is son-in-law. Helatoba active volcano is a type of Fumarole where there are 43 points that emit hot-water and there are 7 points that remove bursts of sulfur in the path along the 40 km. geothermal