Mt. Tampomas

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Mt. Tampomas; Mt Tompo Omas
Mount Tampomas is mentioned in the manuscript of ‘Pujangga Manik’ as ‘Mount Tompo Omas’ (Mount Gold Tampah , Java: tompo, tampah, tetampah) in Mĕdang Kahiangan area (now Sumedang area). This manuscript poet is probably written in the late 15th century
The peak of Mount Tampomas (locals call Sangiang Taraje) is a 1684 hectares wide land area of 1 hectare located at the very top of Mount Tampomas. This location has a high aesthetic because of this place tourists can enjoy beautiful views towards the city of Sumedang and surrounding areas. The presence of crater holes and large black rocks add a wealth of imagination to the viewer.
About 200 meters to the north from the top of Sangiang Taraje, there is a sacred tomb known as Pasarean. According to the story, the place is petilasan of Prabu Siliwangi and In Samaji during the Old Pajajaran kingdom.
Mt. Tampomas Nature Tourist Park;


Province West Java
City / Regency Kabupaten Sumedang
  1. Kecamatan Cimalaka
  2. Kecamatan Conggeang
  3. Kecamatan Buahdua
Village 1.1 Desa Cibeureum Kulon; 1.2 Desa Cibeureum Wetan; 1.3 Desa Padasari;

2.1 Desa Jambu;

3.1 Desa Cikurubuk; 3.2 Desa Bojongloa; 3.3 Desa Cibitung;


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.684 m (5.525 ft)
Type of eruption;
Topology & Geology;
Tampomas and surrounding volcanic rocks consist of basalt, andesite basalt, and andesite. In microscopic observations, the rocks generally appear grayish, pale green, pale-brown, generally textured porphyritic, glomeroporfiritik, hypokristalin, with the main constituent minerals composed of plagioclase, pyroxene, hornblend, and olivine, dispersed as phenochris and massa fundamental ( porphyritis). Phenocrysts grow in clusters especially plagioclase and pyroxene (glomeroporfiritik).
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