Mt. Hela Toba

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Mountain Hela Toba; Helatoba-Tarutung
Helatoba from hela (tapanuli word), which means is son-in-law.

Helatoba active volcano is a type of Fumarole where there are 43 points that emit hot-water and there are 7 points that remove bursts of sulfur in the path along the 40 km.

geothermal in Sipoholon area consists of hot springs, gas boils and solfatara. Hot water type consists of chloride type, bicarbonate type and sulfate type. The fluid temperature in the reservoir ranges from 142′-230’C with an estimated potential rate of 140 MWe.

Sijaba Hutaginjang Nature Tourist Park ; Barumun Wildlife Reserve;


Province North Sumatra
City/Regency Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara
District Kecamatan Sipoholon
Village Desa Lobusingkam; Desa Rura Julu Toruan


a volcano/ not Active
History of Eruption;
Elevation (meters above sea level);
1,100(3,600 ft)
Type of eruption;
From the results of magnetic investigation obtained the total magnetic anomaly number ranges from {(-) 457-741 nT.} The figure can be divided into 3 groups namely;

  1. Higher magnanomal diomali {250-741 nT} is interpreted as an old and tertiary andesite rock deflection (tertiary).
  2. Medium magnetic †<†<is {50-250 nT} interpreted as a region dominated by rhiodasit rock, ignimbrite rhiolite and sinter carbonate.
  3. Whereas low magnetic anomalies {50 – (-) 457 nT} are interpreted as alluvial, volcanic, and / or andesitic rocks that have been altered and ripped (destructive zone).
  4. Based on the results of magnetic investigation, it is estimated that there are several fault or fault structures based on the magnetic anomaly alignment that generally flows southeast-northwest or almost North-South.
  5. These faults are one of the foundations for controlling the emergence of hot water found in Sipoholon and Tarutung (among others: Ria-Ria Hot Water, Hot Water Hutabarat, and the emergence of sintered carbonate deposits at both locations.
  6. The area of ​​moderate magnetic anomaly (50 sd. 250 nT) is thought to be an area closely related to the formation of geothermal manifestations in this region (hot springs, sinter carbonate and soda springs).
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