Mt. Daik

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Mt. Daik
This mountain is the highest mountain in Riau Islands Province. Mount Daik has three peaks:

  1. Mount Daik;
  2. Mount Pejantan;
  3. Mount Cindai Menangis;

Mount Daik has an altitude of 1,165 meters above sea level with a peak of 5.9-5.11 North American Grade Standard.



Province Riau Island
City / Regency Kabupaten Lingga
Distrik Kecamatan Lingga
Village Desa Panggak Darat; Desa Merawang; Desa Mentuda


not a vulcano / not a active
History of eruption;
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Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.165  m (3.822 ft)
Type of eruption;
Topology & Geology;
If viewed from the topografinya, then most areas in Lingga Regency is hilly. Based on data from the National Land Agency (BPN), there are 73,947 ha in the form of hilly areas, while the flat area is only about 11,015 ha.

The classification of land slope in Linga Regency can be classified into six classes of slopes, ie 0-2%, 2-8%, 8-15%, 15-25%, 25- 40%, and> 40%.

Lingga Regency is generally a region with a fairly high slope, where there are 76.92 percent of the region that has a slope of more than 15%. While the form of plains (slope of less than 2%) is only 3.49 ha or 3.14 percent only. This is in accordance with the topography of Lingga Regency which is dominated by hilly areas.

The soil types found in Linga Regency are generally red yellow podsolic, lithosol, and organosol. The soil layer structured crumbs until clot. While the bottom layer is webbed clay and firm. As for the type of rock – rocks, rocks Acid Pluton (Acid Pluton) in the form of granite rocks scattered in the area of ​​Mount Daik in the western island of Lingga, but there are also sedimentary rocks from the Age of Prateseiser spread throughout Lingga Island.

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