Lore Lindu National Park

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Gov.Regulation Decree of the minister of forestry No 646/Kpts-II/1999
Date Juni 23, 1999
Large (Hektar) 217.991,98
Technical implementation Unit Balai Taman Nasional Lore Lindu
Note This National Park officially covers 217.991.18 ha (about 1.2% of Sulawesi area of 189,000 km² or 2.4% of the remaining Sulawesi forest is 90,000 km²).

This National Park consists mostly of mountain and sub-mountain forest (± 90%) and a small part of lowland forest (± 10%).


Province Sulawesi Tengah
  1. Kabupaten Sigi
  2. Kabupaten Poso
District 1.1 Kecamatan Gumbasa; 1.2 Kecamatan Lindu; 1.3 Kecamatan Kulawi

2.1 Kecamatan Lore Utara; 2.2 Kecamatan Lore Peore

Village 1.1.1 Desa Omu; 1.1.2 Desa Tuwa; 1.2.1 Desa Anca; 1.2.2 Desa Langko; 1.2.3 Desa Puro’o; 1.2.4 Desa Tomado

1.3.1 Desa Namo; 1.3.2 Desa Sungku; 1.3.3 Desa Toro

2.1.1 Desa Kaduwaa; 2.1.2 Desa Dodolo

2.2.1 Desa Wanga; 2.2.2 Desa Watutau


Elevation (mDpl)
Lore Lindu National Park is located around the continental slab encounter that forms the island of Sulawesi. Effect and impact of plates that make up the National Park area so that it is meeting the flora and fauna of each plate.

As a result of the unification of these plates, it is not surprising that in Lore Lindu National Park there are many folds and changes in shape and mass of the land since the island was first formed.

The soil conditions in Lore Lindu National Park are varied, undeveloped (entisol), developing (insepticol) to already developed (alfisol) and a small part (ultisol).

type climate…? (Schmidt&Ferguson)
–; Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check…



Lake Lindu; Lake Tambing


Identification Temporary identification in this area is Eucalyptus deglupta, Pterospermum celebicum, Cananga odorata, Gnetum gnemon, Castanopsis argentea, Agathis philippinensis, Philoclados hypophyllus, medicinal plants, and rattan.

In general, the Lore Lindu National Park forest is divided into 3 major forest types, as follows:

Lowland Forest; this forest type is located in the forest area with altitude below 1000 mdpl. Types of plants that can be found in this region, among others: Rattan (Callamus spp.), Beringin ((Ficus spp.), Giant tree Leda (Eucalyptus deglupta), sugar palm sugar (Arenga pinnata), Kepayang (Pangium edule) Artoca, pusspp, whose skin is used as a leather garment maker potion (in bokab: fuya).

Lowland Forest; At altitudes between 1,000 s / d 1,500 mdpl can be found type of lowland forest. In this area trees grow shorter with a smaller diameter. Types of flora that grow in this region, among others: Various Epiphyte including 88 species of orchids that tebah is known, the type of fern is Asplenium sp. and Platycerium sp., there is also Uru and Damar Tree (Agat his dammara).

Alpin Wood Forest; this forest type is located at an altitude above 2000 mdpl. The leaves grow small. Moss grows spread over the forest floor. Fog keeps the air moist. High rainfall results in soil nutrient leaching (Nitrogen), so the soil fertility decreases. Species of Semar sac (Nepenthes sp.) Get additional nutnsi by trapping insects that enter into the flower.

Secondary Forests; In addition to the above three main types, there are also secondary forests, ie forests that have been cleared for shifting cultivation, then secondary vegetation, such as Cemara (Casuarina sumatrana) and mixed stands between Wanga (Figafetta filans) and Leda (Eucalyptus deglupta).

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Overview of flora in Central Sulawesi
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Identification Mammals: 117 species of mammals, of which more than 50 percent of the animals in this region are endemic to Sulawesi such as Anoa (Bubalus depressicomis and Bubalus quarlessi), pig deer (Babyrousa babyrussa celebensis), Tangki (Tarsius diannae and T. pumilus), cuscus (Ailurops ursinus furvus and Strigocuscus celebensis callenfelsi), Sulawesi civet (Macrogalidia musschenbroekii musschenbroekii), Sulawesi mice (Rattus celebensis), Cifet (Macrogalidia musschenbroeckii), Palanger Sulawesi (Phalanger celebencis), …

Primates: tonkean apes (Macaca tonkeana tonkeana), …

Birds: 88 species of birds, including maleo (Macrocephalon maleo), Sulawesi kangkareng (Penelopides exarhatus), Sulawesi eagles (Spizaetus lanceolatus), ….

Reptiles: 29 species of reptiles, among them golden snakes (Elaphe erythrura),…

Ampibi: 19 species of amphibians, including Sulawesi frog (Bufo celebensis), …

Fish: endemic fish located in Lake Lindu (Xenopoecilus sarasinorum), …

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